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What to Expect When You Visit a Restorative Dentist

It's normal to experience dental problems as you age, leading to tooth decay, tooth damage, and the loss of fillings or teeth. However, if you let a problem of this nature go unaddressed, it will lead to further dental problems down the road. If you're in Oak Ridge and seeking the services of a "restorative dentist near me," we can help. Regaining the health and beauty of your smile is possible with the various services that restorative dentist Dr. William Gross can perform for you at Dental Care of North Carolina. Here are a few of the ways our team can help you.

Cavity Drill and Fill Procedures

One of the most basic restorative services you'll find is that of cavity fillings. This is done when a cavity hasn't yet affected the root or nerve of the tooth. Dr. Gross can drill through the affected part of the tooth to remove the decayed parts before filling the hole with a bonding solution. He'll add a crown to protect and strengthen the tooth.

Root Canal Surgery

If you have severe tooth pain and are looking for a "restorative dentist near me," you'll have to find someone who can perform root canal procedures like Dr. Gross. This type of oral surgery involves drilling through the soft pulp to remove decay that's located deeper in the tooth. The decay exposes the root of the tooth to the pockets of air, bacteria, and food contaminants that cause you to feel pain. The hole in the tooth will be cleaned out by Dr. Gross before it's filled with a composite material and capped with a crown.

Dental Implants

At some point in your life, you may lose an adult tooth or need to have a severely decayed tooth extracted. In that situation, you may choose to have a dental implant added to fill the gap. An implant mimics the full tooth, filling the hole left behind by the root and pulp of the tooth. Once it's placed in your mouth, bone and gum tissue will bond with the implant, helping to restore your best smile.


If you're missing several teeth in a row, Dr. Gross can add a bridge that consists of several created teeth. The bridge is secured to two crowns, one on either side of the bridge. The crowns can be secured to existing teeth or to two implants, but the replacement teeth between the crowns will only sit on top of the gum tissue.


If you have suffered severe decay to several teeth, you may want to consider dentures instead of trying to repair each individual tooth. Traditionally, dentures consisted of a set of replacement teeth that could be secured to the gum tissue with an adhesive for a secure fit. While this is still an option, a newer technique is to hold the dental prosthesis in place by securing it to dental implants. Devices that fit this way are called snap-on dentures.

If your oral health is in poor condition, your ability to speak clearly and eat the foods you enjoy may be impaired. At Dental Care of North Carolina, Dr. Gross can act as your restorative dentist and help you regain a smile that will be fully functional and beautiful for others to see. Your self-esteem will get a boost, and you'll once again be proud to share your smile with others.

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