Oral Surgery in Oak Ridge

What Is Oral Surgery?

When the word "surgery" comes to mind, it typically can be taken to include a hospital stay, general anesthesia, or a long and difficult recovery phase. In dentistry, however, the majority of oral surgical operations are actually performed in a dental clinic. They normally only require local anesthetic and won't keep you from doing your regular activities for more than a day or two. Rather than endlessly searching online for an "oral surgeon near me," turn to Dr. Gross at Dental Care of North Carolina. Let's take a look at how surgery can aid in the restoration of your smile as well as your overall health.

Oral surgery may be required to remove teeth that are severely decaying, broken, or irreparably damaged. This is a much gentler treatment than you may expect, due to the fact that your teeth are not firmly anchored in the bone of your jaw. The periodontal ligament is a network of fibers that holds all teeth into place. With the utmost care, our trained dental practitioners can remove the teeth without disrupting the periodontal ligament.

Oral Surgery: Reasons to Get It

A healthy tooth may need to be extracted in a couple of circumstances. Your wisdom teeth, for example, may not be unhealthy or damaged, but if there isn't enough room for them to grow in properly, they can cause damage to other teeth by remaining in the jaw. A wisdom tooth that is “impacted” is one that is obstructed from coming in properly by a nearby tooth. Wisdom teeth that have become impacted are commonly removed. If the teeth are highly crowded, tooth extractions may be necessary during surgery.

Surgery is sometimes required for the opposite reason, as well: the placement of a new tooth. Dental implant technology makes it so you can get implants that closely resemble the shape and function of a natural tooth, ensuring that your replacement tooth feels as good as it appears. Indeed, new teeth are often the reasons that many patients look for an “oral surgeon near me” online.

Other Types of Oral Surgery

Surgery that focuses on the structures that surround the teeth rather than the teeth themselves, falls under the category of "other types of surgery." Periodontal plastic surgery, for example, is one type that may be necessary if you have gum recession (in order to preserve exposed tooth roots which are at risk of decay).

If bone loss is a problem, regular grafting methods can also be used to rebuild tooth-supporting bone. Laboratory-processed materials, rather than bone from your own body, are commonly employed by Dr. Gross in dental bone grafting. Many people who would not have been ideal candidates for dental implants have been able to have them because of surgery.

Jaw surgery may also help you improve your smile in a number of different ways! We offer many types of surgery for all types of needs.

Feel free to get in touch with Dental Care of North Carolina today for any of your oral surgery needs. We're seasoned professionals who always prioritize your care and satisfaction above all else. Don’t waste your time hunting the internet for an "oral surgeon near me." Contact us today!