Understanding Dental Mouthguards in Saddlecreek

Here at Dental Care of North Carolina, Dr. Gross works with our patients who need mouthguards. These dental appliances are custom fitted at our offices serving Saddlecreek to create the perfect fit for your needs. Dental mouthguards near me can be created for:

  • Sports
  • Teeth grinding
  • The side-effects of antidepressants
  • Sleep apnea
  • Snoring

Do Mouthguards Cover All Your Teeth?

If you are playing sports, your dental appliance will usually cover your upper teeth. The reason for this is that your upper teeth often protrude at the front of your smile. However, Dr. Gross explains that if you are trying to stop teeth grinding or snoring, you will need to have both upper and lower teeth covered by your dental appliance.

What Types of Dental Mouthguards Near Me Are Available?

There are several types of dental mouthguards near me available for you to try. Dr. Gross understands that some athletes enjoy the ease of a boil-and-bite mouthguard. An over-the-counter dental appliance can be purchased that is adjustable to your teeth. At Dental Care of North Carolina, we believe a custom-fitted appliance is the best option for you. Custom-fitted appliances help you feel confident that the mouthguards you order fit perfectly for the best protection.

Prevent Tooth Damage With Dental Mouthguards Near Me

If you grind your teeth, Dr. Gross may recommend you use a night guard. A night guard is used to limit the damage to your teeth caused by grinding. In our office, we will create a custom appliance designed to keep your top and bottom teeth apart when you are sleeping. There is plenty of damage to be done when you grind your teeth. The enamel on your teeth can become damaged, with your fillings being damaged when you grind your teeth without a dental appliance.

Limit Pain With Dental Mouthguards Near Me

If you are struggling with grinding your teeth, Dr. Gross may recommend a dental appliance to protect your smile from damage and prevent jaw pain. Tension in the temporomandibular joint can lead to a sore jaw. Soreness and tension combine to bring you problems with your mouth that can be helped with a dental mouthguard. Headaches are possible when you do not halt the grinding of your teeth with a dental appliance or night guard.

Night guards and dental appliances custom-fitted by Dr. Gross at Dental Care of North Carolina help you to improve your sleep. Call today to schedule an appointment to discuss your mouthguard needs.