Full and Partial Dentures in Oak Ridge

Types of Dentures to Restore Your Smile

If you have been searching for “dentures near me,” you need look no further. Dr. William Gross, our dentist at Dental Care of North Carolina, can design dentures to look and operate like your real teeth while improving your smile and facial attractiveness. These appliances are removable dental prosthetics that replace one or more lost teeth.

Full and partial dentures are the two types of dental prosthetics that are available. In other words, when all your teeth are gone, a full denture is provided. A partial denture is employed if you retain some of your natural teeth. Most people don’t realize that a partial denture is just a removable device that takes the place of missing teeth. It stops the remaining good teeth from shifting out of place.

The Denture Process

You won't be without teeth for long because Dr. Gross can fit you with a temporary appliance right after your teeth are pulled. Before the extractions, he will take impressions and construct molds. The resulting dentures may need to be adjusted as tissues mend and shrink after your initial fitting.

Typically, when people search for “dentures near me,” they don’t realize that traditional dental prosthetics are created once the tissue has healed for several weeks. Due to the fact that they are made from impressions of healed tissue, delaying the process to allow for healing is often the most accurate way of installing dental prosthetics.

Usually there are multiple try-in appointments to obtain the best possible looks and fit. In order for you to achieve the proper coloring, bonding, size and functionality, these try-on sessions are required. Some discomfort as well as difficulty with speech and chewing are to be expected after you receive your dental prosthetics. You’ll likely become accustomed to your new set quickly, and the discomfort will soon subside.

Owing to regular wear, dentures may need to be recreated, refined, repaired, or changed. Nevertheless, they are long-lasting appliances that can endure for many years. Maintaining the life of your dental prosthetics requires proper cleaning and care, good oral hygiene, and regular dental visits.

Dentures Near Me

If you are missing teeth and wish to fill in the gap(s), or if you have just had teeth pulled, give us a call at Dental Care of North Carolina to discuss your options. Traditional or implant-based dental prosthetics are available, and they might be detachable or fixed. What you require is determined by your circumstances or level of comfort, and Dr. Gross will go over all the possibilities to find the best solution for you!