Trust a Family Dentist in Saddlecreek

If you've been searching online for "family dentist near me," your search is over. One of the easiest ways of cutting down on the time you spend at the dentist is to find a family practice. Dr. William Gross works to keep smiles happy and healthy. Dr. Gross works with patients from the youngest babies to the elderly. The American Dental Association recommends twice-yearly checkups and teeth cleaning to keep your mouth healthy.

Keep Your Teeth Healthy With Our Family Dentist

When you choose Dental Care of North Carolina, you will begin a journey towards a healthy smile. At Dental Care of North Carolina, we understand that you and your family may be nervous about visiting our office. You should remember the family dentistry we undertake is designed to limit the risk of oral health issues for your family. Your regular checkups form a small part of the many services we offer. Among the services you can expect from our team are:

  • Checkups
  • Cleanings
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Extractions

Dr. Gross and our team of professionals work with you to keep your family's smiles healthy. A dentist at a family practice specializes in general dentistry and has the skills to do far more.

Reduce Stress and Fear With a Family Dentist

Children and adults can quickly develop a phobia of the dentist's office. At Dental Care of North Carolina, we feel phobias of dental care can be overcome by creating a welcoming environment for our patients. Our dentist has a warm and welcoming manner that will limit the chances of your children establishing a phobia. By becoming comfortable with our dentist and visiting him throughout childhood and adolescence, your child will not develop the deep fear of the dentist of many of their peers.

Our Family Dentist Knows Your History

The benefit of working with our dentist is his deep understanding of your medical history. Patients who have regularly attended checkups with Dr. Gross have the advantage of our dentist understanding their needs. The main concern of Dr. Gross is preventative care. Alongside the preventative care you need, Dr. Gross provides emergency treatments for his patients. When you need specialized care, our dentist will find the right approach to treat your problems.

Family Dentist Near Me

End your search for "family dentist near me" and reach out to our office. When you are ready to schedule an appointment with a caring, experienced family dentist near Saddlecreek, call Dental Care of North Carolina for an appointment.