Completing a Tooth Extraction in Saddlecreek

Tooth extraction can occur for many reasons. No matter how well you care for your teeth by brushing and through regular checkups, you will probably need a tooth removed at some point. A dental extraction near me takes place for a variety of reasons, including decay and injury. The arrival of your wisdom teeth may be the catalyst for dental extraction near me with our team of dental professionals at Dental Care of North Carolina.

Reasons for Dental Extraction Near Me

Our dentist Dr. William Gross tries to maintain the integrity of your oral health through preventative dentistry. However, even the best cared for mouth will require tooth extraction sometimes. Among the reasons why you may need a tooth extracted are:

  • Impaction
  • Decay
  • Gum disease
  • Overcrowding
  • Injury

These are the basic reasons why teeth need to be extracted by our dentist, Dr. Gross at Dental Care of North Carolina. Extraction is often the final option for you when you are looking for an answer to tooth pain. Alongside the need for extraction for the mentioned reasons, chemotherapy and organ transplant patients should have damaged teeth removed.

The Process of Dental Extraction Near Me

There are two types of extraction we offer at Dental Care of North Carolina. These are simple extraction and surgical extraction. The simple extraction is easy to complete and requires a local anesthetic. When the area around the tooth needing extraction is numb, Dr. Gross will use forceps and an elevator to remove the tooth. A surgical extraction can be completed at our office. Different forms of anesthesia can be combined to extract your tooth using a small incision in your gum.

Recovery After a Dental Extraction Near Me

A tooth extraction will not take a long time. For a simple extraction, the majority of time is spent waiting for your gum to become numb. For a smooth recovery, you should follow a few simple steps. An ice pack used every 10 minutes will reduce swelling when applied directly to your cheek. The gauze Dr. Gross applies to the area your tooth was extracted from needs to be kept in place for three to four hours. The gauze will help with clotting and halt any bleeding.

If you are concerned about your smile, call us at Dental Care of North Carolina in Saddlecreek to schedule an appointment to discuss tooth extraction.