Dental Extractions in Oak Ridge

An Introduction to Tooth Extractions

The reason for a tooth extraction is to prevent different factors from building up, such as decay, broken teeth beyond repair, crooked or uneven teeth, and periodontal disease. To help avoid these issues and the pain they cause, our dentist Dr. Gross may choose to extract your tooth. Instead of searching for "dental extraction near me," you can rely on us at Dental Care of North Carolina.

What Should I Know About Dental Extraction Near Me?

To better determine if you qualify for a tooth extraction, Dr. Gross will first review your teeth for any possible damage using X-rays. From there, he will decide if you should have your tooth removed either in one piece or in multiple broken pieces. Once the extraction is done, you will have a few options to fill in the gap left from your extracted tooth in order to prevent your teeth and jaw from shifting. Dr. Gross will help you decide what the best next step is for your situation.

The Importance of Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Over time, wisdom teeth can become crooked or misshapen, especially if they're not taken care of as you get older. As a result, jaw alignment becomes a major issue. Some of the symptoms people face from keeping their wisdom teeth include pain or stiffness, a strange rubbing sensation from the teeth, or gums that start to swell painfully. It is advised to report to us as soon as these symptoms begin to develop, as we will examine if your wisdom teeth are responsible for the pain.

How Does a Tooth Extraction Work?

Dr. Gross will either need to remove your wisdom teeth in one piece or break it down into pieces depending on the results of your initial consultation. The extraction can take up to a few hours, and anesthesia is used to reduce the pain. Once the extraction is done, it is advised to be careful with what you eat; soft and liquid foods are suggested for the first day or two. It is also recommended not to brush your teeth a day after your surgery is completed. Your recovery should last around half a week to let your mouth heal smoothly.

Dental Extraction Near Me

To learn more about this process or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gross, contact us at Dental Care of North Carolina. We have offices in Morrisville and Greensboro, so you can choose which location is more convenient for you.