Why Choose Dental Bridges in Saddlecreek

Finding dental bridges near me is easy when you choose the expertise of Dr. William Gross at Dental Care of North Carolina. A dental bridge is a long-term answer to the issue of missing teeth for our patients. The expertise of Dr. Gross in guiding our patients to the correct treatment option to protect their bite. The reasons why we recommend bridges include:

  • Allows you to chew properly
  • Prevents shifting teeth
  • Limits bone loss
  • Provides a permanent solution

What Are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is one of the simplest ways of avoiding the problems associated with missing teeth in your smile. When you arrive at our office with missing teeth in your smile, our dentist will explore the options open to you. To avoid long-term problems, we will discuss the possibility of using a bridge. Dental bridges near me are usually made up of a crown cemented into place between two existing teeth. The bridge provides support through the existing teeth surrounding your dental implant.

Improve Your Speech With Dental bridges Near Me

Here at Dental Care of North Carolina, we believe you should have the chance to live your best life. Lost teeth can cause several problems for you, including changes to your speech patterns. Your teeth help you to form words and phrases. Dr. Gross understands that the change in speech caused by missing teeth can be worrying and lower your confidence. A bridge can help you to return to your natural speech patterns to help improve your confidence.

Dental Bridges Maintain Your Face Shape

Your teeth help to form the shape of your face. Our patients who have missing teeth can feel upset about the changes to their faces following the loss of teeth. Dr. Gross explains the loss of your teeth can change the shape of your cheeks and give you a new appearance. The roots of your teeth stimulate the growth of your jawbone, which can deteriorate when teeth are lost. Bridges installed by Dr. Gross will help limit the effects of tooth loss on your facial features.

Prevent Shifting Teeth With Dental Bridges Near Me

Our patients who have lost teeth will often see their remaining teeth begin to slide toward the gap in their smile. A bridge will help provide support to stop the shifting of your teeth toward any gaps.

Dental bridges can help protect you from long-term damage to your oral health. Call Dental Care of North Carolina today to discuss the benefits of dental bridges near me.