Comprehensive Dental Exams in Oak Ridge

Comprehensive Dental Exams Are a Necessary Tool for Preventative Care

Education and preventative measures can help you stay on the right path for maintaining great oral health and care. With a comprehensive dental exam, the future of your oral care plan can be mapped out, and you can receive recommendations on how you can take better care of your dental hygiene. During an exam, Dr. Gross of Dental Care of North Carolina will let you know what you need for preventative care as well as any treatments you may need. Before you consider searching "dental exam near me," it is important to review what a comprehensive dental exam entails.

How Often Should You Go for a Comprehensive Exam?

It is recommended from age two to go for a comprehensive exam every three years. You may have to go more frequently if you are at a higher risk for certain issues. These issues may be brought to light in your first exam by Dr. Gross. The main purpose of the exam is to prevent and diagnose diseases and conditions before they become a major issue.

Reasons to Go for a Comprehensive Exam

Your oral health can affect your whole body. If it is poor, your risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, gum disease, and heart problems is increased. You may be able to reduce these risks by having your teeth, gums, and surrounding tissue evaluated on a regular basis.

What to Expect From a Comprehensive Exam

The first part of the comprehensive exam is the dental evaluation. During the evaluation, your dental history, diet, and any concerns that come up will be discussed. Afterward, Dr. Gross will carry out the dental health assessment. During this, your risk of developing tooth decay or gum disease will be evaluated.

The next part of the exam will be to check for cavities. Dr. Gross will examine your bite and jaw next. After that, you will have a thorough teeth cleaning that removes any deposits or stains on your teeth. Dr. Gross will then give you a lesson on oral hygiene and the proper way to clean your teeth.

If you have any prostheses in your mouth, they will be examined at this point. You will then have an X-ray to diagnose any issues that may come up. Next is the oral cancer screening. During the screening, your mouth, neck, and face will be examined by Dr. Gross for any sign of abnormalities. You will then discuss medication that you are currently taking and how that may affect your oral health.

You can then discuss any concerns you have with Dr. Gross and discuss what was observed during the examination. All the information that is acquired in the exam will be put in your dental records. Based on what was observed during the exam, you will receive recommendations on how you can better care for your teeth and gums. You will also receive tips on how you can detect certain issues early.

Dental Exam Near Me

A comprehensive dental exam is a necessary form of preventative care. Not only can it reduce your risk of developing certain issues, it can also help you stop other problems from becoming bigger ones. It is also a great way to become educated on how to improve your oral hygiene.

If you are asking yourself "where can I have a dental exam near me," contact Dental Care of North Carolina. Dr. Gross can provide you with care that will address your oral health needs.