Get High-Quality Ceramic Dental Crowns at Dental Care of North Carolina

Your smile is important and should exude confidence. Missing teeth and uneven spacing can cause you to hide your smile. Dental Care of North Carolina is an experienced, patient-focused dental practice that will help you revitalize your smile. Our office has been in the area for many years, and our staff will work with you to achieve your best smile.

Ceramic crowns are lightweight coverings that function like natural teeth. After a root canal procedure, they're generally applied to protect a damaged tooth, attach a denture or partial, or enhance a beautiful smile. Speaking with our dental team will help you choose the best options for your teeth and tips for routine care and maintenance.

Why Choose Ceramic Dental Crowns?

Ceramic crowns have tooth-like coloring and are sturdy and long-lasting. They're the perfect fit for a large filling without making your teeth appear misaligned. Ceramic crowns are made from images of your natural teeth and molded to fit into your mouth without being too loose or too tight. Dental Care of North Carolina appreciates how important your appearance is, and you can count on our team of experts to design quality crowns for you.

Ceramic Dental Crowns Are Hypoallergenic

Metal crowns are known to cause an allergic reaction in some patients. Ceramic crowns aren't likely to do so, making them an optimal choice. Also, crowns made of ceramic lessen the work on your other teeth, and they don't move, so you can continue to enjoy eating crispy, crunchy foods.

Is Getting Dental Crowns Painful?

Getting crowns doesn't have to be unbearable. Dental Care of North Carolina uses the best methods to ease your discomfort. Your dentist can prescribe pain medication and, if needed, anxiety medication to help you through the procedure. Our team completely understands dental anxieties, so don't be afraid to let us know how we can improve your experience.

If you've had an unpleasant dental experience, our staff will listen to you and explain how we handle procedures step-by-step. We want your experience to be pleasant, and we want to help you build an oral care hygiene plan that will keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Experience the Convenience of Ceramic Dental Crowns

Ceramic crowns not only match your natural teeth and restore chewing ability but also are conveniently done in one day for most patients. Dental Care of North Carolina makes scheduling an appointment convenient, even in an emergency. Our friendly staff will get you in quickly and provide the care you expect with the quality you deserve.

Call Dental Care of North Carolina today to schedule a cleaning, discuss crowns, and a plan to build a healthy oral care program.