Ceramic Crowns in Oak Ridge

Restoring Your Smile With Ceramic Dental Crowns

If you’re like most people who are self-conscious about their teeth, then you’re probably sick of attempting to hide them. You've had enough of smiling with your mouth closed. If you ever wished that you could improve your smile so that you could be proud to show it, then you’re certainly not alone. Smiles exude joy and self-assurance, and yours has an impact on how you look and feel about yourself. Ceramic crowns are an excellent choice for people who desire a more natural-looking smile or who have limited mouth space.

Common Reasons for Dental Crowns

A ceramic crown is a good option if you have had a root canal, need to repair a fractured tooth, or grind your teeth. Crowns made from ceramics are significantly lighter than other types since they are made of a slimmer material. At Dental Care of North Carolina, our dentist, Dr. William Gross, will fit you with crowns that closely resemble your natural teeth, matching their luster and beauty.

More Reasons to Get Ceramic Dental Crowns

Crowns made from ceramics are widely used to repair cracked or damaged teeth, supply cosmetic augmentation, attach a bridge, support a tooth when a filling is too large, and cover a tooth that has undergone a root canal, among other things.

How Do Dental Crowns Work?

Crowns are extremely durable and will endure a long period. The method for placing a dental crown made of ceramics is very easy and straightforward. First, your tooth will be sculpted and tapered by Dr. Gross in order for the ceramic crown to fit snugly over it. The mold will be sent to a dental lab after an impression is taken.

Until the mold gets back from the lab, Dr. Gross will place a temporary crown on your teeth until your permanent crown is ready. The permanent ceramic crown will fit over the natural tooth. Your crowns will appear and feel just like your existing teeth after they're in place. The entire process does not take very long. It’s a common procedure that many North Carolinians (and people all over the world) decide to go with.

Call us today at Dental Care of North Carolina to learn more about crowns made from ceramics. When you come for your appointment, Dr. Gross will evaluate your teeth and determine whether a ceramic crown or a series of crowns is right for you in order to restore your smile. See what dental crowns made from ceramics can do for your professional and personal life!