Bone Grafting in Oak Ridge

What Is Bone Grafting?

Most people who search online for "bone grafting near me" realize that bone grafts are typically obtained by patients who are getting implants in place of teeth that are missing. At their core, dental implants are nothing more than artificial roots that are permanently adhered to the jaw. Dental implants are ultimately capped with a "crown" that closely mimics the other teeth around them. However, restructuring isn’t the sole reason that patients opt for bone grafts. Bone grafting is, at times, necessary in order to uphold parts of the jaw that have bone deterioration from gum disease or tooth loss.

A loss of bone can sometimes result in a deterioration of nearby teeth and gum tissue. Obtaining a bone graft, in many cases, also helps to stop additional bone loss and any prolonged health concerns because of the way it helps the overall health of the jawbone.

Oftentimes, candidates searching for "bone grafting near me" also include people whose physical appearance has changed due to the structure of their jaws. For example, bone loss in the jaw could make the face look shorter than it once did. In the same way, the lower jawbone can sometimes be over-extended forward as a result of a loss of bone mass. Facial muscles and even lips can appear altered if there is no good bone structure under them, also. Likewise, any skin surrounding the jaw may be wrinkled, too.

The Bone Grafting Process

A successful bone transplant will allow you to grow new bone to support your dental implants. Dr. Gross will use a scalpel to remove some bone from an area where there is plenty to spare. After that, he moves the harvested bone to the implant site. The entire procedure is performed under local anesthetic, and Dr. Gross may need to cut your gum tissue wider to have a better look at the bone if a considerable amount of it needs to be removed and transferred.

After a successful graft, you’ll leave with gauze wrapped around the incision in your mouth. Dr. Gross will give you instructions on how to change the gauze every day, in addition to an antibiotic prescription to prevent any infections, plus a pain medication prescription in some cases.

Bone Grafting Near Me

A bone graft is a fairly common dental operation for us. Rather than continually searching for "bone grafting near me," we urge you to learn more about how we can assist you in getting your bone graft started right now before things get worse. Please get in touch with Dental Care of North Carolina to start a private consultation regarding bone grafts for your dental needs.